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Corporate History

A History in Metals
The names behind Scope have a history in metals that spans almost four decades. The Shiloh family began trading in metals and stainless steel in 1968 and in 1980 Scope was established as a stockist for stainless steel products.
The founders’ experience was soon reflected in the success of the young company, which gained a wide circle of customers and a reputation for professionalism and knowledge.
Expansion as a Public Company
Rapid expansion led to an initial public offering, and in 1992 Scope became a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).
A second public offering soon followed in 1997, and new facilities were required to cope with the continued growth. In 1998 the company moved to Bne Ayish, its current facilities, and added aluminum and other metals to its list of traded products and materials.
Entering New Markets
The first years of the new millennium led Scope to new markets. In 2001, Scope began trading in engineering plastics, thereby greatly enlarging the range of products offered to customers. A year later, the company also began trading in steel, taking over the activities of Feingold Steel TA (special and engineering steels).
Scope’s next major step was the purchase of Global Metal’s entire inventory in June 2004, followed by gaining the prestigious status of metal supplier to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). A three-year agreement was signed between Scope and IAI for the procurement and exclusive sale of metals.
In 2004 the company decided to expand its international activities and established subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and in the USA. In 2006 Scope added to its product offerings pipes and piping systems and accessories and added about 20,000 new products to its inventory.
International Success
Expansion in local markets paved the way to international activities and further recognition as a leading company in the field. Through its subsidiary Scope Metals USA, Scope acquired Hadco Metal Trading, whose substantial activity in the US comprised three East Coast distribution centers.
Today the company continues to go from strength to strength, with its subsidiaries and a broad client base around the world. Supplying and distributing an exceptional range of products and offering a variety of complementary services, Scope stands to consolidate its position at the forefront of the metals and engineering plastics field, and looks forward to the future with confidence.
Milestones in the History of Scope

  • 1968 The Shiloh family begins trading in metals
  • 1980 Scope established to sell stainless steel products
  • 1992 Scope becomes a public company traded on TASE
  • 1998 Scope expands its product lines and moves to new expanded facilities
  • 2004 Scope acquires Material Technology Solutions in the USA
  • 2005 Scope opens Primapol Metal Spot in the Czech Republic
  • 2006 Scope opens Hadco Metal Trading in the USA and Dalian Best Metals in China
  • 2007 Scope opens Gilinox in Romania
  • 2008 Scope opens Alinox in Poland
  • 2011 Scope opens Hadco Metals Korea
  • 2011 Scope opens Alinox Ukraine
  • 2011 Scope opens its 1st branch on the west coast of the USA- Los Angeles
  • 2014 Scope's USA subsidiary Hadco moves to new central hub in Philadelphia where it installs state-of-the-art automatic warehousing systems
  • 2016 Scope's USA subsidiary Hadco establishes transfer stations in Kansas (Wichita) and South Carolina
  • 2017 Scope's subsidiary in Poland, Alinox, establishes a new state-of-the-art central warehouse in Mysłowice
  • 2018 Hadco Korea aquires a logistical center
  • 2019 Scope's USA subsidiary Hadco builds a new Logistical Center in Bakersfield, CA.